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What is the policy for contraband within the prison?

Many items you would consider as nothing out of the ordinary can cause severe problems inside a correctional facility. When you think of contraband inside a prison you often think of items such as weapons, tools, and drugs and you are right. But this is only a small part of what is considered contraband in the prison. Items such as paper clips, staples, chewing gum, and tobacco are among the items not allowed in the prison.

The prison is a smoke free facility so the inmates are not allowed to posses tobacco in any form nor are they allowed to posses any lighting equipment such as lighters and matches. Paper clips and staples can be used for a multitude of things ranging from being used for tattooing to making picks for locks.

The inmates have 24 hours a day to think of ways to get around the system, and some do all they can to try and get around the system. By restricting what they have access to helps us try to keep ahead of them.

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