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Crime Prevention Tips

Protect yourself from potentially dangerous situations by taking precautions.  DESIRE, ABILITY and OPPORTUNITY are the three factors present in any crime.

Be alert at all times for signs of criminal activity.

You can help reduce crime by reporting suspicious activities.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft occurs when someone steals another individuals personal information and then utilizes that information to commit crimes in another person’s name (establishing new credit card accounts, filing tax returns, accessing bank accounts, etc.) Mail provides the easiest  method of identity theft. 

  • Don’t leave outgoing mail in your mail box.  Mail your bills directly from the Post Office.
  • Check your statements and bills each month
  • Protect your account numbers and social security number
  • Obtain a free annual credit report to ensure that no new accounts have been opened in your name  and that all closed accounts are inactive.
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Numbers (PINS) and shield the keypad when entering your PIN.
  • Shred unwanted mail, especially credit applications and any other documents that have your name, social security number, date of birth or account numbers. 
  • Keep only necessary identification and cards in your wallet.
  • Give your social security number only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Do not give your credit card number out over the phone unless you have initiated the phone call.
  • Keep your credit card receipts when making purchases. 
  • When entering credit card information into a website make sure that it is an encrypted or secure website.


  • Too good to be true in most cases – it is.
  • Nothing is FREE – anytime you are promised something for nothing, you will likely get nothing.
  • Get Rich Quick – details are often lacking on how you will make money
  • Contests are normally a way to obtain personal information

Home Improvement

  • Any contractor performing work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must be registered with the PA Attorney General’s Office.
  • Any contractor performing work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must carry a minimum amount of liability insurance.
  • Any contractor performing work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must provide a contract for the work that is to be performed. 
  • The consumer has 3 days to cancel the contract
  • More information can be obtained, including checking to see if the contractor is registered, by visiting the PA Attorney General’s website at
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