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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?

GIS combines layers of information about a place to give you a better understanding of that place.  The layers you use depends on your purpose.  It's not just a map.  It is a database management system which stores and links geographically referenced data with map features to allow a wide range of information processing and display operations, as well as map production and analysis.

GIS Data

The County of Venango maintains various GIS datasets (parcels, street centerlines, addressable structures, building footprints, municipal boundaries, etc. This data is available for a fee.  All request for data must be accompanied by a copy of the GIS Data License Agreement.

Parcel Viewer

The County of Venango maintains and provides a free parcel viewer website for the general public.  Please visit the Parcel Viewer website to access the Venango County, PA Real Estate Assessment Mapping Site.

Northwestern Pennsylvania GIS User Group (NWPGUG)

The County of Venango hosts quarterly NWPGUG meetings.  The NWPGUG serves as a way to bring together GIS users in northwestern Pennsylvania (and beyond).  The NWPGUG is an avenue for gaining a better understanding of GIS and related technologies and to keep the GIS community updated.  For more information about the NWPGUG, please click here.

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