County Auditors

We are your elected County Auditors.  Our task is to audit, prove, and adjust the accounts of all the offices of Venango County. What this means is we examine the accounting records and accounting practices of each office under our review and we evaluate that policy and procedure is being adhered to and check for irregularities and fraud as well as weaknesses in internal control.

Annual Audit & Financial Report

In addition to our audits, each year we must complete an annual audit and financial report, of the prior year, which is filed with the Department of Commerce and Economic Development (DCED) in Harrisburg and made available to the public.

Audits of County Offices

In the course of preparing the annual report, each county office is reviewed and and a sampling of receipts and disbursements are audited.  Detailed work papers are prepared and retained in our audit files with regard to the preparation of this report. 

Special Audits

Special audits are required in the case of a department head leaving or a District Magistrate retiring, or a Tax Collector leaving their post.  All such audits and duties are performed in accordance with County Code.  

Selection of Auditors

The office of the County Auditors consists of an elected board of three auditors: two from the majority party and one from the minority party, elected in the same manner as the County Commissioners. 

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Reports Filed