System of Care 

What is System of Care?

System of Care (SOC) is a philosophy that utilizes an organizational framework to ensure effective, community-based services and supports for youth with complex behavioral health challenges, multi-system involvement, and their families.   

A driving force in this philosophy is a planning process where youth and family supports are embedded in collaborative teams to ensure youth and family voices are expressed and natural supports are identified and engaged. System of Care philosophy and practices are being continued through the PA Care Partnership.

PA Care Partnership

The PA Care Partnership builds on the National System of Care philosophy to promote equality and trust among youth, caregivers, child-serving systems, and provider partners based on the individual community’s strengths and culture. The goal of SOC is to modify the way that youth, families, government, and communities interact with each other so that:

-  Youth and families are central to the design, implementation, and operation of services and supports.

-  Youth and family supports and/or organizations support individual youth and families and participate fully in policy and funding decisions.

-  All child-serving system partners collaborate, share resources, and coordinate with one another and with youth and families.

Natural supports are equally valuable as formal supports (i.e., paid services)

-  Communities engage and transform to become welcoming and supportive of all youth, young adults, and families.

Venango County SOC

Venango County System of Care (SOC) through the PA Care Partnership grant is a collaboration of multiple systems including (but not limited to): Human Services; Children, Youth, and Family; Juvenile Probation; Mental Health; and other necessary system partners that work to ensure the most effective care with the best possible outcomes for the youth and their families. 

Our Vision

To create an environment that promotes the consumer-driven service path where the children and families have a vested interest in deciding how their recovery and treatment are delivered. Using the SOC philosophy, practices are trauma-informed and without stigma and meet individuals and families on their level to best support their needs.